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Wooden boomerang

Original price was: € 45,00.Current price is: € 40,00.

Material: 6mm 5ply Baltic Birch plywood
Range: ± 30 meters
Weight: ~78 grams
Finishing: At least 5 layers of lacquer on every side
Flight: low flight, low spin at the end, hard but rewarding
Suggested Age: Above 14 years old
Suggested grip: Pistol or full hand grip
Condition: New, originally made for myself, but only thrown during testing
Tuning: None
Wind: Can handle wind. Tested in 18km/h and worked fine.
Power: Needs power
Last tested: 05-06-2023
Boomerang number: #1

This is a difficult boomerang to get back to you, but the returns are exciting.

Reason for discount: Wood not well finished in one specific spot. I would suggest to put some tape around it or put some superglue in (I can try to on request). Doesn’t impact flight whatsoever. Overall finishing could have been better.

Made in 2020 by Nils van Veen

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