German Nationals 2023 kit

These are the boomerangs I used during the 2023 German Nationals.

My after-bands-warm-up warm up boomerang is [9]. FFCN V1 #1.

For MTA I used two brakets (unlabelled and #37) [1,2] a triblader (Mephisto #8) [3] and a trick catch outsider (TriMagic #6) [5] during warm up. It was my first time throwing braket #37, it is also the one I threw for my 5 comp throws.

For TC singles I used the outsider [5]. For doubling I used [5] and the insider (TriMagic #52).

For Fast catch I used a 7% nylon Trifly modification [8].

For Endurance I used [9].

For Accuracy I used a Hannibal [6] during practise, but ended up using FFCN V2 #1 [7] instead.
For Aussie round warm up I used a wooden fuzzy #14 [10]. During my 5 comp throws I used 3DX #38 [11].

1,2,4,5,10,11 made by Adam McLaughlin
3 made by Christian Müller
6 made by Pau Thion Han
7, 9 made by Nils van Veen
8 made by Alex Opri

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