Frog Aussie

Material: 3mm G10 (fiberglass)
Range: ± 45-55 meters
Weight: ~80 grams
Finishing: at least 5 layers of lacquer on each side
Flight: Medium high flight
Suggested Age: Above 16 years old
Suggested grip: Pinch, Pistol, Thumb pistol
Condition: Almost new, I threw it a couple of times.
Tuning: Added drag on top of wings and bands to delay laydown. No explicit wing bending.
Wind: Worked well in 18km/h. Good for windy conditions.
Power: Needs power
Last tested: 05-06-2023
Boomerang number: #1

Intended price: €65.
I gifted this one to Christian Müller

Note: In 2021 I thought this boomerang was bad. In 2023 I tuned it a bit and I like it.

Made in 2021 by Nils van Veen

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