EBC 2023 Potsdam kit

Accuracy: I used 7 and 8 during warm up, I ended up using 7 during the rounds. 7 also had around 20 rubber bands in the middle. Not optimal decision. (New comp PB)
Fast catch: I used 7, I closed 3 holes and removed some rubber bands. I need something better. Not optimal decision.
MTA: I used several ones during warm up, including a couple ones from Christian Müllers kit. My favorite braket detuned somehow, so I went for a better braket (1)- one I didn’t want to throw because it is really thermal sensitive (too easy to lose the mta). Sadly the mta only stabilized with a soft throw, I should have switched to a different mta instead.
Aussie round: I did a couple of throws with the 3dX (3), I ended up using the fuzzy zen (2). I picked the wrong boomerangs. The fuzzy zen was way too much over-range: 57-60 meters. I never practise aussies in low wind, because I never have these conditions on my local field. Something to work on!
Trick catch: Adam TriMagic doublers (4,5). I used the outsider for singles. Good decision. (New comp PB)
Endurance: I used my favorite triblader (6). Decent decision. (New comp PB)
Besides the boomerangs, the other items are important too! Sunglasses with a hat helps against the sun. I use a right handed glove during warm up using two different types of resistance bands. Left hand glove for catching. I aways put a small towel in my right pocket to dry the boomerang before using it. In my left pocket I had rubber bands. I most of the time put lots of rubber bands on my boomerangs – so many that some people were really surprised when they saw my tribladers😂😂.
This is also the first time I wore my barefoot shoes during a tournament. I like them, they are nice for throwing.

ACC: 57 (new PB)
AR: 36
MTA: 28.28
TC: 72 (new PB)
FC: 51.65
END: 38 (new PB)

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Hereby is a (short) reflection of how I perceived the 2023 European Championship in Potsdam.
First of all, I would like to thank everyone who was involved in hosting the amazing event, you all nailed it. I had an incredible time.
On Friday, me and Bill met in Amsterdam and from there we travelled together to Potsdam. We hadn’t seen each other for quite a while, because we both have busy lives and most of the year I was in recovery of my ruptured shoulder tendon. In the evening I met some good friends and everything was really relaxed.
In the hostel I was staying in a room with Bill Hirst, Jörg Hahnewald and Christian Em. I really enjoyed my time with them, everyone in the room was really chill and we had some nice conversations.
(In another post I showed which boomerangs I used!)
On Saturday it was the first day of the tournament and I messed up all 3 events. I was really sad about it, because I practised so hard to overcome my injury this year and I know I was physically in my best shape so far. I know I could have performed way better. I had some good chats with multiple people, including Lars Overzee who said some wise words to me, which helped to reset myself for the next day. In the evening I had many chats with many people.
On Sunday I managed to do quite ok. Aussie round I messed up, wrong choice of boomerangs and not familiar with them enough. Trick catch I did well, however I dropped some boomerangs after catching them – during transition of running to the outsider- which really dropped me some points. Still 72 points is a a PB and I wanted to achieve a 70+ score in comp this year. Next year I will focus on getting close to 100. Endurance went decent, but mainly due to the simply words of Guigui Booms : “Throw and Catch”. I was really focused on just that and it helped, I only dropped twice – including one because I got out of focus when I heard “10 seconds left”. In the evening I had many chats again with many people and the ceremony was nice too! At this point I was really tired, so I went to bed quite early.
In the morning I said goodbye to most friends. Me, Bill Hirst and Lars Overzee stayed at the hostel and we took the same train back home.
I exchanged and sold (my trip was funded by the boomerangs I sold) some boomerangs, got a t-shirt from Klaus Häbe and gave away a couple of boomerangs.
Apart from that, I will list the lessons I learned below:
1. I need to work on making some good Accuracy boomerangs. I don’t really take this event seriously, but I should.
2. Fridolin Frost told me to practise Juggling to work on consistency – one thing I clearly have trouble with. I will try it out!
3. Try different materials for Fast catch. I have been focussing a lot on 4mm PP boomerangs and renners, but I saw some really good boomerangs, notably 5% floppy nylon Fast catches (it needs to be floppy for energy loss!) that were really blunt by Alejo Palacio and Stephan Spirgi, a 5mm PP triblader by Guigui Booms that was nice for relaxed but accurate throws.
4. Don’t overfocus on getting the best results for all events, rather focus on getting a good score, which doesn’t ruin your overall score, a good advise by Lars Overzee.
5. Move on to a different boomerang if it doesn’t work out. Especially during MTA I kept on trying one that I know can get the best flight out of all the ones I have in my kit, but it was too risky overall. I should have thrown one for a safe 40+ sec flight and only then go for more.
6. Work on transitions of doubling, I dropped some points because I had to run and/or had trouble putting my insider in my mouth. Stupid loss of points. (No issues with running, the insider and outsider have enough separation time, I shouldn’t forget to drop the insider after catching)
7. Throwing with less power is sometimes more effective. This is something I had to practise, due to the ruptured tendon, but in the moment you want to sometimes throw a bit harder than needed. Especially during MTA, I could have gotten a safe and good flight with 50-60% power, but I kept on trying with 70-90% power. Adam McLaughlin has been telling me this a lot and I completely agree with him, I just had to fall on my face to learn from it.
8. Buy an umbrella that will help against the sun!
9. As mentioned early: “Throw and Catch”. Sounds simple, but say it to yourself before you do a 5 minute endurance round. I am convinced it helps with focus – it did for me during the tournament.
10. Keep on following your own routine. This is something I am already doing and I noticed that I executed that well. I do my warming up and I have certain patterns before I throw, e.g. effective breathing to release stress, put my towel on a boomerang to dry it – even in non-rainy conditions. It helps for me. Also don’t listen to others too much, especially when they give advise when you are throwing. Stick to your own intuition.
11. Bouldering and throwing each 3 times a week for 3-4 hours a session is too much for my body! I think that I was physically really tired but unnoticed because of excitement – even though I was having quite effective recovery, cold showers are really important to me. Especially my brachialis and a spot near left side of scapula/rib were not liking this weekend. (Dry needling after EBC luckily helped to speed up brachialis recovery). I should decrease climbing intensity weeks before going to a throwing competition.
12. Work more on my back. This year I focused on throwing more from my back so my shoulder has to do less work – which helps a ton. I already made a good planning with my physiotherapist for this, so now I just have to execute it. I had a discussion with Manuel Schütz and I was happy to hear that throwers like him are doing these kinds of things as well, showing me that it is worthwhile of my time.
13. Get more familiar with my own boomerangs. Because of my small local field, tendon recovery and not so many sessions on different places I did little to no MTA and AR throws this year and I noticed that I wasn’t able to throw well enough. I will have to train more on bigger fields. Also, I have trouble throwing in lower winds, mainly because it is most of the time windy when I practise (Dutch winds!!!!). I don’t know how I can work on this (if you have a suggestion, let me know!), but it is certainly a weakness that I am aware of.
I am sure there are more lessons I learned, but I think this is enough for now. I hope there are lessons among these that some other throwers can also benefit from.
Thanks to everyone in this amazing community, I am really grateful for all the friends I made from this sport.

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