What are the shipping cost for my location?
You can use the calculator during checkout. In case you order only a single boomerang or when the shipping address is outside of Europe it is most of the time best to contact me to get cheaper shipping costs.

Do you have a return or refund policy?
No, I don’t do refunds and/or returns. If something went wrong with your order, contact me and we will find a solution.


How do I throw a boomerang?
In the downloads section, there is a free download available for Dutch and English instructions. You can also take a look at my YouTube channel to see how I throw. In short, the key is to launch the boomerang in a (close-to) vertical position, not horizontally like a frisbee, at approximately eye height. You need both spin and power to ensure its return. E.g:

My boomerang doesn’t come back?
Make sure to check whether you throw correctly (layover, throwing height, power, spin, wind) and check whether your boomerang isn’t warped. If you have a weak throw, you will not be able to get some boomerangs back. In case of doubt, contact me. I guarantee on everything I sell that it flies properly.

Why are boomerangs you sell so expensive?
Boomerangs is a hobby for me, I don’t want to make a living out of it. I make only small amounts of boomerangs and I spend a lot of time on each boomerang to make them as how I like them. Besides making other people happy with a boomerang, I use the profit to pay for the materials and equipment I use, save up for tournaments and to to run this website. In the future I plan on donating boomerangs to some areas in the world where children can’t afford to buy them, I will use the profit I have to cover postage and material costs.

I don’t know what boomerang(s) to buy, what now?
No worries! Most boomerangs in the beginner section are perfectly fine for a beginner. For the boomerangs in that section: the lighter the easier to throw. For advice, contact me!

Can I throw a right handed boomerang as a left handed person, or vise versa?
Yes you can. I wouldn’t recommend it, because it is harder to throw and sometimes gives less comfortable throwing angles for your shoulder. As I only sell right handed boomerangs on this website, contact me in case you want me to make a left handed boomerang.

I have specific request, can you make it happen?
Generally speaking, yes! Contact me and we will find a solution.

Can you provide boomerangs in bulk?
It depends on the quantity. Contact me and we will try to find a solution. For large quantities I will ask you to pay in advance.

I am not sure which competition boomerang I want to buy, can I test them before buying?
Generally speaking, no. However, I go to competitions (in Europe), so in case of genuine interest I can bring some boomerangs to competitions so you can test them there.

When should I buy a more advanced boomerang?
This depends on your throw. Generally speaking you can move on to more advanced boomerangs after one or two beginner boomerangs. Note that most kids won’t get competition-level boomerangs back.

Is it safe to bend my boomerang?
Yes and no. You can bend wooden boomerangs, but be careful. Carbon fiber, fiberglass and plastic boomerangs won’t break easily. Sometimes ask yourself if you really want to bend your boomerang, consider alternatives such as adding drag (rubber bands, tape, coins, etc). For advise, contact me.

Do I need to warm up? If so, what is a good routine?
Yes, you need to warm up. You’ll prevent A LOT of injuries by doing so. In short: get all the muscles around rotator cuff and elbow warmed up, as well as some (undeveloped) back muscles. Resistance bands are an amazing tool for this. Then start throwing a warm-up boomerang and then move on to real throwing.
I will post on-the-field and off-the-field exercises (which I got from a physiotherapist) soon.

Any advice for beginners?
– Have fun.
– Try to be conscious about how your body moves during a throw. Try to get a smooth movement, pay close attention to your feet, hips, shoulder, elbow, wrist.
– Find a throwing partner.
– Don’t overdo it, get your shoulder used to throwing.
– Be aware of your surroundings, e.g. most people see your boomerang flying but they still walk towards you!
– Make notes on your boomerangs and make notes on paper to reflect about lessons your learned. Even after years of doing this, I always learn something new from my throwing session.
– Don’t be afraid to experiment with your boomerang. Start by adding drag and modifiers to your boomerang, throw your adjusted boomerang and observe what it does. Also consider bending a bit (dihedral, anhedral, twisting). Don’t go crazy on (re-)carving, you probably don’t understand enough at this point.
– Film yourself. I started doing this quite late, but I was able to analyse and improve my technique by doing so. Don’t be afraid of showing it to other people, most of the time they can help you improve and it will motivate others to throw and do the same.

Are the boomerangs you sell your own design?
Some yes, some no.
When the boomerang is not of my own design I usually only make one or two for myself, but given that I have so many boomerangs and I won’t be throwing them all I also sell the ones I intended to keep. I do not have any intention on (mass) commercially selling other people’s designs, I only want to sell the ones I won’t be throwing. The airfoils I put on them are always how I would do them, so they would differ from how the original designer would do it.

Can I combine boomerang throwing with other sports?
Yes you can, however depending on the sport you need to have proper recovery, things like the following are important:
– Diet; I eat whole-food plant based – Vegan – which is a lifestyle and I strongly believe it is the best for sport/health – besides ethical reasons.
– Passive Recovery, especially when your other sport involves your shoulder/arm (e.g. I combined my sport with bouldering, but parts – just to name a few – like the brachialis and the shoulder tendons are used actively there too!)
– Stretching; general whole body in addition to shoulder stretches
– Warm ups for your sports; bands are great!
– Cold exposure; already 2 minutes a day works great
– Meditation/breathing exercises
– Proper sleep
– Massages – a massage gun is nice too!
– Listen to your body – accept if you can’t perform at your best; better consistently good than sometimes great. Body scans are a great tool to get more in touch with your body if you aren’t yet.

Do you do other sports besides boomerang throwing?
I do. I used to do bouldering even more than throwing, however as my supraspinatus tendon in the shoulder is easily overloaded I decided to quit climbing until after the 2024 World cup. To stay fit I do kettlebell exercises at home and I am training for the Amsterdam Marathon.


What are your favourite boomerang events?
Up to halfway 2023:
I have a great passion for MTA (Maximum Time Aloft) and LD (Long Distance) events. Although I don’t frequently practise them due to limited space, the exhilaration they offer can only be truly understood by experiencing them first-hand. Both MTA and LD events reward a well-executed throw, which is something I truly appreciate. Aussie round (AR) is something I really like as well, it is a nice combination of multiple events I would say. Additionally, I have developed a strong affinity for TC. Lately, I have dedicated a lot of time to practicing FC (Fast Catch) and END (endurance), and they are growing on me. While accuracy isn’t my primary focus, I usually engage in it after warming up.
1. LD
2. MTA
3. AR
4. TC
5. END
6. FC
7. ACC
After halfway 2023:
1. MTA
2. FC
3. TC
4. END
5. LD (huge drop, because I can’t throw it often)
6. AR
7. ACC
Start of 2024:
1. FC
2. TC
3. MTA
4. LD
5. END
6. AR
7. ACC

Do you have any competition goals for 2023?
Yes and no. Due to the tendon injury (partially ruptured shoulder tendon) I have to accept my performance will be sub-optimal. Now, my main goal is to have fun and meet some friends.
Before I was aware of the injury I set roughly the following goals:
FC: 2C 29 seconds → 25 Seconds
END: 35C 38C → 45C
ACC: 53P 57P → 70P
TC: 35P 65P 72P → 70P. Goal accomplished!
AR: 58P → 75P
MTA100: 47.59 Seconds → 53 Seconds (Dutch record I think), but real goal is 60+ Seconds. And, I want to end on podium for MTA.
LD: …. → 121m (Dutch Record), but real goal is 170m+

Do you have any non-competition goals for 2023?
– Start moulding and carbon fiber lay ups.
– Working towards being ambidextrous. I am a righty thrower, but I want to be able to throw lefty booms using my left arm as well.
– Make boomerangs more known to the public and attract more people to this sport. I consider contacting universities in the Netherlands to provide (free) workshops.
– Besides getting rid of the ruptured shoulder tendon injury, I would like to improve hip and torso mobility and train those body parts more. I am confident that I can get a better throw when improve on those elements.
– Complete my transition to full-hand grip.

Do you have any goals to work towards until your next tournament, i.e. in 2024?
– I want to get a 60+ round in Endurance in practise before the end of 2023.
– I want to get a 100+ score in Trick catch in practise.
– I want to cut my fast catch transitions from average of 1.4 to 0.9 to get a low 15 second round in practise.
– Continue transitioning to full hand grip.

Competition goals for 2024:
FC: 29 seconds → 22 seconds, but real goal is 17 seconds.
END: 38C → 50C
ACC: 57P → 70P
TC: 72P → 90P.
AR: 58P → 75P
MTA100: 47.59 Seconds → 53 Seconds (Dutch record I think), but real goal is 60+ Seconds. And, I want to end on podium for MTA.
LD: N/A → 121m (Dutch Record), but real goal is 170m+

Who do you look up to?
There are multiple people who are really inspiring to me. I will have to split them in groups!
Throwing: I look up to Manuel Schütz, his throw has a lot of details worth analysing, he for sure knows how to utilize muscles well.
Consistency: Alex Opri and Fridolin Frost are incredibly consistent.
Knowledge: Bill Hirst and Michael Siems have really good knowledge about boomerangs and have a specific way of reasoning towards their conclusion which I like.
Craftmanship: Adam McLaughlin and Christian Müller make amazing carbon fiber boomerangs.
Mentoring: Bill Hirst and Adam McLaughlin have been guiding me a lot.

Note that there are different people who would also fit in the categories above, however I only listed the people who helped me personally in some way.

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