Coming Soon


  • Trading feature: You can create your own preferred boomerang specifications with possibilities to react and counter on each others posts. Possibility for chat feature on website itself is not sure. Part of the implementation for this feature is already done, however it is not priority at the point of writing (03-07-2023). I might work on the feature in the summer or December (2023).
  • On-the-field and Off-the-field exercises for warming up, boomerang throwing, injury prevention, rehabilitation and more. I will either make a pdf with photo instructions for this, or youtube videos posted in blog-format on this website.


  • 3mm Carbon Fiber (some with red fiberglass) and 3mm G10/G11 Aussie rounds. Competition-level boomerangs, but can also be used for fun.
  • 4mm Polypropylene Fast catch / Endurance tribladers.
  • 5mm Aircraft grade plywood boomerangs.
  • After a couple of sales on my website and saved up enough money to order material/supplies:
    • 3mm (and/or 4mm) aircraft grade plywood tribladers. Perfect for beginners.
    • Sport T-shirts
    • Maybe: 5mm Aircraft grade plywood fuzzies.

MSc. Thesis:

In 2024 I will be starting my MSc. thesis. As a Computer Science student in the Computer Graphics and Visualization group with interests in 3d Geometry Processing, I found a professor who will supervise me in a boomerang-related thesis. If you have any suggestions for a thesis, feel free to send me a message.

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