I take pride in offering expertly crafted boomerangs and information about boomerangs.

Each boomerang in my collection is meticulously crafted by me, Nils van Veen, from the Netherlands. I pour immense care and attention into creating a diverse range of boomerangs, including beginner-friendly options as well as Aussie Round, Long Distance, Trick Catch, Fast Catch, and Endurance varieties. Using premium materials like Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Finnish Aircraft grade plywood, Baltic Birch plywood, and Polypropylene, I ensure that every boomerang is both durable and delivers exceptional performance.

To guarantee top-notch quality, I subject each boomerang to rigorous testing and refinement until it meets my exacting standards. Only the finest boomerangs make it into my collection, so you can trust that you’re getting a truly exceptional product. I’m deeply passionate about providing boomerangs that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Within my gallery, I proudly share a curated selection of boomerangs from my personal collection. It’s my way of spreading valuable information and knowledge about these captivating objects. I believe in inspiring both enthusiasts and newcomers by sharing the joy and insights surrounding boomerangs.

Welcome to my world of handmade boomerangs, where craftsmanship, passion, and a profound appreciation for these timeless objects come together. Explore my collection and let the spirit of boomerangs take flight in your life.

Our Story

In the summer of 2019, I purchased a couple of boomerangs from boomerangFan. They worked reasonably well, especially the “shark” model. However, considering their high price, I decided to try making my own boomerangs using hardwood plywood and different birch plywoods. And so, my journey began.

By 2020, I recognized the need for better quality materials and switched to using 6mm Baltic Birch plywood with five layers. This change allowed me to create more durable boomerangs that didn’t break easily. My enthusiasm grew even further when I obtained Aircraft grade plywood (5mm, 10 layers), Fiberglass, and Carbon fiber. With these materials, I was able to craft boomerangs that performed exceptionally well. As a delightful birthday gift, I received a Dragonfly 2 boomerang, which added to my joy.

In 2021, I dedicated much of my time to recovering from shoulder injuries. Thanks to physiotherapy, I regained strength, and it was during this period that I started incorporating warm-up routines before throwing. I also began practicing with Bill Hirst, a fellow boomerang enthusiast. This experience took my interest in boomerang sport to new heights, as I finally had the chance to throw alongside someone equally passionate about these returning objects. Under Bill’s guidance, I started exploring various types of boomerangs for different competition events, and the MTA (Maximum Time Aloft) and Long Distance events particularly captivated me. Bill not only became my mentor but also my throwing partner and one of my closest friends. I am grateful for the support and friendship of many individuals who have contributed to my journey, especially Bill Hirst, Adam McLaughlin and Christian Müller. (other important people include Harold Hoogenboom, Collin de Graag, Lars Overzee, James Hoy and Alex Opri)

In the summer of 2022, I delved into Fast Catch, Endurance, and Trick Catch boomerang events, which had not previously captured my interest. I decided to dedicate more practice time to these events, and I’m glad I did because I discovered a newfound enjoyment for them. It was during this year that I participated in my first tournament, the German Nationals in Potsdam. This experience significantly intensified my passion for the sport, as I had the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who shared the same interest. Remarkably, I secured second place in the MTA event.

As for 2023, the year started on a challenging note with a partially ruptured shoulder tendon, likely sustained during the German Nationals. Nonetheless, I participated in the German Nationals (4th place overall) and the European Championship.

My journey in boomerangs has been filled with ups and downs, but the thrill and camaraderie I’ve experienced along the way have made it all worthwhile.

You will either have a love or hate relationship with boomerangs, you will know it after your first throws.

Nils van veen

Boomerang Enthusiast

Credits to Rubén Martín-Lorente for taking these pictures

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